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Skinny Jeans | Popularity By State | Click Image To Enlarge and Read Article on Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Rise of the Skinny Jean

The skinny jean enjoyed a brief revival in the 1980s, only to resurface again in 2007. Today's popularity of the skinny jean has been credited to that most British of fashion icon’s Kate Moss. She was first spotted leaving her London house in a scruffy, very skinny pair of Superfine's, throwing the fashion world into a frenzy. UK high street chain, Top Shop, made famous by Moss on both sides of the Atlantic, currently sells around 17 variations of skinny jeans.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans Styles

Although “skinny jean" means just what it says, these jeans do come in a variation of widths from a straight leg to the super- skinny jeans. The narrower the leg, the stretchier and more spray-on they become. This means you need to try on several pairs before finding one that is the perfect fit. One that actually flatters your silhouette rather than sabotages it! If you don’t want to accentuate your flaws, stick with darker denim shades rather than the lighter washes.

Tops and Blouses

Long and lanky boyish figures look great in lean, body skimming tops. This year’s trend in the empire line is one of the most flattering in year’s, especially for big hipped or big busted women. A longer length empire line blouse worn over skinny jeans can look “edgy” and cover a multitude of sins. This style can flatter all ages, if you take into again necklines (plunging, square or otherwise) and sleeve-lengths. As skinny jeans have a tendency to make your bottom look bigger than it really is, this is another good reason to wear billowing tops like these.

Footwear With Skinny Jeans

The wrong choice of shoe can kill your look. Avoid wearing ballet flats unless you have the figure of Kate Moss, and leave your trainers at home. An alternative is to roll up the legs a few inches, and wear them atop of some of this season's heels or ankle boots. Skinny jeans worn with stilettos ooze sex appeal or wear them with peep-toe courts for a more chic look. Skinny Jeans tucked into long-boots has a really “edgy” feel, elongating the leg even further. This is where skinny jeans really score over all other styles; unlike a boot cut or wide leg, which is almost impossible to wear inside a boot without unsightly bunching.

Jeans – the Other Alternatives

For those who are not supporters of skinny jeans, an up coming trend in wider-legged denim, baggy jeans should provide a welcome respite. We are seeing a '50s revival of dressing, with mannish pants and great white shirts – stylish and comfortable, so many women can wear this look. There is of course the elegant boot-cut which lengthens the leg and flatters the bottom. Then there’s the flare which has its place in the '70s revival, retro trend but can look very sexy.

Fashion savvy women have learned that the secret to a great jeans wardrobe is to have a few pairs in different styles, which will suit every occasion.

In Support of Skinny Jeans

It is said 80 percent of all women will find a skinny that works for them. It is not an easy silhouette for most women to get used to but with the right top and shoes, it can work for pretty much any woman.”